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Synchrone Duo Massage

Made by Nooz in an unprecedentedly luxurious private Red Lounge.


Enjoy an unprecedentedly relaxing body massage in your own private luxury massage lounge. 
Together with a person you care deeply about, you climb to a level of total relaxation together in your own luxurious private massage lounge during the duo massage. You experience the aroma relaxation massage together, perfectly synchronized and to the rhythm of the music. In an atmospheric setting with guaranteed peace and privacy.

All our employees are trained in the Nooz Academy. As a result, our massages have the unique 'made by Nooz'-quality label, because the Nooz-duo massage is much more than getting a massage together. This guarantees top quality, recognized by our fans on Facebook and Trip Advisor and leading magazines as the best ever experienced.

The private massage lounges are also unprecedented in Europe. They include a top sound system, customized color moods, luxury design interior, rain shower, designer private toilet, lounge bed, private cinema room and an infrared element.

This way you can choose how long you want to reminisce privately and which experiences you want to complement the relaxation trip with without having to leave your private massage lounge (see extensions below). 


See our packages or use this direct link.

  • Massage 1,5 hour - combination of 2- and 4-hands massage, unique in Europe: 40 euros/person (massage lasts 30 min. longer)
  • Afterglow in your own private massage lounge with unlimited use of all facilities (infrared sauna, bed lounge, color spheres, cinema room, rain shower, luxury designer sanitary facilities, etc.): 20 euros/person/hour
  • Bottle of bubbles: 40 euros 
  • Bottle of champagne: 90 euros
  • Private dinner in your own private massage lounge: 55 euros/person ALL IN (food, soft drinks, coffee/tea and even the wine and private service are all already included) 
  • Private brunch or lunch: 25 euros/person 
  • Unique slippers: 5 euros/pair (you can take them home)
  • Bottle of wine as a drink of pleasure: 30 Euros  
  • Thirst quenchers: 2 euros
  • Assorted snacks (nuts, olives, fruit, ...): 10 euros/person

Other wishes? 

That is possible! 
At Loft aan het Water, it is possible to enjoy a completely private and discreet experience from the first to the last second! Unprecedented in Europe. All this in Grobbendonk, near Antwerp.

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