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Always for free

Always for free


Loft aan het Water wants to let you enjoy and relax blissfully. So no surprises at the end with unexpected costs. We want to give you the Loft aan het Water feeling from the moment you arrive... You don't need a suitcase. You don't need to bring anything at all, except your toothbrush.

That's why the following things are always included as standard:
  • Private and far away from strangers like in a hotel, restaurant, or B&B
  • Use of the enormous Loft living area with Le Corbusier seats and endless view of water and nature
  • Unmatched luxury and architecture
  • Huge 120 sqm Loft terrace
  • Coffee and tea
  • Private parking
  • WiFi
  • No check-in = no time wasted
  • Use of towels and soaps
  • Hairdryer

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Herentalsesteenweg 81b - Grobbendonk
014 50 20 53 - info@loftaanhetwater.be

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