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Aqua Lounge suite

An unknown gem with an endless view of water and nature.


Private wellness facilities
  • Endless view of water and nature reserve
  • Mega-large terrace with sun loungers and private dining options
  • Detached designer bathtub
  • Private cinema from your private lounge bed with cinema-quality
  • Music of unprecedented concert quality
  • Infrared element
  • Customizable color schemes
  • Designer rain shower
  • Luxury washbasin with hairdryer
  • Box spring bed and designer furniture
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Private entrance
  • Private dining area
  • Ceiling and floor heating/cooling
  • Personal air conditioning
  • Possibility to provide a professional massage table (upon request)
  • Possibility of private breakfast, dinner, and massages in your own private lounge

  • Private and far away from strangers as in a hotel or B&B
  • Free use of the gigantic Living area with Le Corbusier seats and endless view of water and nature
  • No time wasted on check-in
  • Use of bathrobes, towels, and soaps is free
  • Use of coffee and tea is free
  • Free private parking
  • Free WiFi
  • If desired, access can be fully automated without our presence. Please ask for this specifically in advance.

  • 170 euros per person based on 2 persons
Weekend and holidays
  • 210 euros per person based on 2 persons

  • Private Panoramic Brunch: 30 euros per person (service included)
  • Unique relaxation massage in your own private lounge: 95 euros per person (weekdays) or 125 euros per person (weekends)
  • Private dinner in your own private lounge: 55 euros per person ALL IN (food, dessert, soft drinks, coffee/tea, and even the wine and private service are all included)
  • Private lunch: 30 euros per person
  • Bottle of sparkling wine: 40 euros
  • Bottle of Champagne: 90 euros
  • Wine as a pleasure drink: 30 euros
  • Thirst quenchers: see price list on-site
  • Assortment of snacks (nuts, olives, fruit, ...): 15-30 euros/pp (only possible if ordered in advance)

Other wishes?
It's possible!
At Loft aan het Water, you can enjoy complete privacy and discretion from the first to the last second! Unprecedented in Europe.
All of this in Grobbendonk, near Antwerp.

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Herentalsesteenweg 81b - Grobbendonk
014 50 20 53 - info@loftaanhetwater.be

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