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VTM News (3/11/2022) recognizes Nooz as a pioneer in adults-only offerings.
Recently, VTM News recognized Nooz’ innovative offerings. We are very happy about this. In an item about the growing success of adults-only hotels, Nooz was mentioned as one of the first child-free wellness oases in Belgium. We are proud of that pioneering role!
Wim Vanacker: "From the very beginning, we wanted to eliminate as many external stimuli as possible with Nooz. This goes far beyond wellness, a hotel or restaurant without children. Because at Nooz you don't meet strange people, the clock doesn't play a role and there are no waiters or staff trying to sell you something extra. In the unique world of relaxation at Nooz, everything is included." So you can invest 100% time and energy in your partner, girlfriend(s) or mother/daughter relationship.
The fact that VTM News has now included Nooz in its coverage is fantastic recognition of our passion.
And what could be better than giving 100% attention without external stimuli?

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